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Project details
Type of apartment
two-roomed flat
Style of design
Contemporary, Classical style, Eclectic style
Floor area 129 m²
City Kiev
Created at March 2020

White interior design with accents. A duplex 129 sq m in the center of Kiev

We are glad to present you a Mossebo design studio’s new project – a white interior in the historical center of Kiev in the residential complex “Manheten”. The project was run remotely, and Mossebo designers flew to Kiev four times. The client has been following our studio on Instagram for a long time, and recently decided to renovate an old apartment in Kiev, so he turned to us. The client liked our black apartment in St. Petersburg. He wanted to decorate his apartment in the same style, but only in white and with bright accents.

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White living room interior



For a lot of us, white belongs entirely to the Scandinavian style, however, it is an excellent base for any interior style. We filled it with natural woody and golden hues, added juicy cherry accents and softened them with a calm gray scale.



Like in the black interior, we paid a lot of attention to the walls and ceiling, giving them luxurious bohemian forms. The ceilings got classic and laborious stucco moldings, where as the walls got more accessible and calm moldings. In the black interior, we had a contrasting white fireplace. This time, we did not follow the path of contrasts and chose a portal made of white marble for the fireplace. A very representative and solid replacement.



White and gray kitchen in the interior

An unconditional decoration of the living room and kitchen has become a panel parquet with an installed decorative brass profile. Surrounded by white colors and classic style, it looks more than appropriate and noble. The accent brass profile here is not just a beautiful decorative element, it relieves the classic solution (in our case it is wooden parquet) giving the impression of freshness and flatness. An interesting pattern enlivens the space and brings more dynamics and energy to it.



Vestibule interior and master bedroom

A special feature of the apartment layout – is the master bedroom. Unlike an ordinary bedroom, it is a separate part of the apartment, where there is everything you need for a comfortable stay for the spouses – a spacious sleeping room, a private bathroom and a dressing room. Without leaving their personal space, the spouses can calmly rest, making the evening and morning toilet and get ready for work. (You can view another Mossebo project with a master bedroom here). The entrance to the master bedroom is preceded by a pretty vestibule-hallway that separates the guest bathroom from the master bedroom. The entrance to the master’s part of the apartment is hidden behind a hidden interior door, which practically merges with the wall.



Dressing room interior

Designed by Mossebo’s designers, the dressing room has revolutionized the owners’ idea of ​​storage. The customers saw that the dressing room is not a tiny closet, where it is always dark and cramped, but a source of pride for the owners. We designed it with a large window that provides plenty of natural light. We wanted to preserve the sense of spaciousness that the window created, so we replaced the usual bulky cabinets with glass display cases. We used similar virine wardrobes in our apartment project in New York.



Bedroom interior

Having reached the bedroom, the light palette gives way to woody and coffee colors. But the eclectic style is preserved in full. The ultra-modern, levitating hoop chandelier continues to vie for supremacy with stucco and moldings. True, in this confrontation between classical and modern styles, the advantage is still on the side of the classics. The decisive word in this dispute belongs to the carriage coupler, which adorns the soft headboard and the bedside bench.



Bathroom and toilets’ design

In the bathroom color scheme of the master’s part of the apartment, the customers turned out to be bolder and chose a muted lemon shade as a companion to white. In relation to the general color scheme in which the interior of the apartment is sustained, this color looks energetic, despite its mutedness.



We left the guest bathroom white, diversifying it with noble marble. Light yellow accents only hint at the design of the secret master bathroom.


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