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Project details
Type of apartment
three-room apartment
Style of design
Contemporary, Minimalism
Floor area 72 m²
City St. Petersburg
Created at November 2019

Three-room apartment of 72 sq m in the new building of St. Petersburg

Alexander and Alexandra – a young family who turned to Mossebo Design Studio, owners of a two-bedroom apartment of 72 m² in the Golden City residential complex on Vasilyevsky Island in St. Petersburg. To decorate the house, they chose a modern style named contemporary, with elements of a loft and minimalism. It is these styles that combine the necessary functionality and homeliness to comfortably and happily spend evenings at home.

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Finishing the floor with porcelain stoneware in the color of baked milk, smoothly transforms into a wood-like kitchen facade that is very close in tone. Loft notes are responsible for modern trends – this is primarily a decorative stone on one of the walls of the kitchen-living room. In stone layout, strict rectilinear lines prevail with their inherent rigor and steadiness.



The main palette of the interior – are calm shades of natural wood, baked milk, cream, dusty gray. For contrast, we added dark brown and bluish blue. We especially tried with brown, we have played on different textures – wood, stone and brick.



It was possible to diversify the minimalistic interior of the hallway by using an unusual patchwork tile, which looks much more familiar on the kitchen apron than on the hallway floor, but it fits no worse here, resembling a motley Persian rug and clearly indicating where guests should take off their shoes.



One of the main tasks for us was the arrangement of a home office for Alexander: the apartment owner works hard, including at home, and the need for an office was almost in the first place for him. It was possible to save space in a small room due to non-standard furniture – a narrow built-in corner table, hinged and built-in shelves.



Four primary colors reign in the bathroom – gray-blue, dusty gray, dark brown wood and white enamel. Wooden textures on tiles in the bathroom get along well with the color of concrete. To darken gray we picked up a dark brown tree.



The contrasting wall, as a hot element of decor, became the basis of the design decision in the bedroom interior. A soft straw-brown wood panel with an interesting relief and texture, acted as an accent. With the help of light coloring of bed linen it was possible to soften the asceticism of the bedroom’s minimalistic interior.



In the living room, the loft always feels organically. But too much brick in the interior design of the house does not always correspond to the level of comfort and coziness. You may get an impression of a cold room. To avoid this, we did just a bit of brick. We took it not a typical red color, but gray-brown. In the walls’s decoration we used decorative stucco “concrete” with a warm cream undertones.


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