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Project details
Type of apartment
three bedroom apartment
Style of design
Минимализм, Classical style, Eclectic style, Minimalism
Floor area 93.46 m²
City St. Petersburg
Created at september 2020

Creativity and practicality: an apartment of 93.5 sq m in eclectic style

MOSSEBO always tries to create a space close to the individuality of the owners. This project is designed for a family – a mother and her 18-year-old daughter. The girl is studying to be a designer. She was inspired by our work and asked her parents to contact MOSSEBO to create the interior.  Their three-room apartment is located in the “Graf Orlov” residential complex in the center of St. Petersburg.  Its footage is 93.46 sq m.

30.09.2020     743

Eclectic living room

Современная кухня-гостиная


Yellow combined with brown and beige makes the room feel like it’s made of chocolate. It seems a little more and you can feel its aroma mixed with lemon, vanilla and almonds. The golden chandelier is suspended directly above the table – this will make it easier to see the faces of loved ones and the contents of the plates. You instantly would want to pour thick spicy cocoa into the coffee-colored cups and climb onto the soft sofa with your feet to watch some autumn movie together.

Планировка кухни-гостиной

Стол большой обеденный деревянный

The white floor is like the icing that is used to cover the top of a cake. The combination of marble and wood paneling on the walls is the eco-trend of 2020. The transition from marble to wood is beautiful and practical: the tiles in the kitchen are not afraid of moisture and the fall of sharp devices and delimit the locations.  Parquet is warm and pleasant to the touch.

The panel on the living room wall looks like liquid gold is flowing through it. On the shelves, hidden by glass, there are designer vases of the owner of the apartment. It resembles an exhibition where all the exquisite exhibits are collected.

Кухня-гостиная под дерево

Loggia with bright details

A cherry chair, a blanket, huge windows – the balcony has everything to sit here on rainy St. Petersburg evenings and think about him (or her). When it gets cold, you can turn on the warm floor or move to a place in the hallway.

The usual functionality of the loggia also remains – both skis and a mountain bike can fit in a minimalistic white wardrobe. So the designers managed to combine comfort and practicality in one space.

Светлый пол на балконе

Светлая отделка балкона

Современный дизайн прихожей в квартире

Bedroom interior

Abstract figures on one of the walls are made in the favorite hostess’s colors of the hostess of the room: pastel light gray, hakki and dusty pink. This is how the MOSSEBO designers limited the working area: a writing desk with shelves for educational materials and a drawing table. To save space, boxes for things were made under the ceiling to match the color scheme of the walls. The shape of the round mirror on the door resembles a porthole on a ship, hinting at the rebellious nature of the hostess.

Пыльно-розовый цвет в спальне

Красивые спальни для девочек

Современная спальня девочки

Eclectic bedroom

The golden chandelier in the bedroom looks like almond sprigs in a painting by Van Gogh.  Perhaps, if the maestro lived now, it would be the creation of his hands.  With a dark brown floor, you need to be careful – it can visually narrow the space.  In MOSSEBO they put it in combination with light walls to play in contrast.

Паркет темного цвета

Bathroom with marble floor

You can also find dark floors in the toilet.  You can peer into the veins on the marble tiles for as long as you would at the patterns on the carpet in childhood.

In order to collect in one place numerous shower gels, towels and toothpastes, wooden shelves were placed near the sink.  The dressing mirror is always in one place: you do not need to search for it from room to room.  It also provides additional light in the room.

Белая ванная комната с черным полом

Белая ванная темный пол

The guest bathroom seems less contrasting because of the light shelves.  A massive dryer, similar to a Swedish wall and a coal mixer, immediately catches the eye.  It does not leave water stains and fingerprints.  The underfloor heating system will come in handy in the autumn, when you don’t want to leave the shower due to a sharp change in temperatures.

Смесители черного цвета

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