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Project details
Type of apartment
three-room apartment
Style of design
Neoclassic, Art deco
Floor area 88,59 m²
City St. Petersburg
Created at June 2020

Interior with green accents. Three bedroom apartment design, 89 sq m

The interior of a three-room apartment with an area of ​​88.59 sq m in the residential complex “Georg Landrin” in St. Petersburg was designed for a young couple. Initially, the customers had their own vision of interior design. They wanted to create an interior in monochrome shades: white, beige and gray with accents in the form of marble, wood, brass and gold. Mossebo designer Alexandra took into account all the wishes, adding her own chips. She created an interior with luscious emerald accents that look organic in luxurious Art Deco interiors. Especially paired with gold, which makes this color even nobler. This combination, by the way, is relevant not only for the Art Deco style, but also for modern interiors.

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Living room in neoclassical style



The main stylistic device in the interior was the contrasting combination of classic finishing elements (massive cornices and moldings) with modern furniture and lamps. The main material for wall decoration is decorative plaster in a warm cream shade. The TV wall is decorated with wood paneling. Herringbone parquet was chosen as the floor covering in the living room area and porcelain stoneware with a light marble texture in the kitchen area. Both materials emphasize the severity of the classic interior.



The first green accent in the interior is the deep emerald velvet upholstery. Green combined with sophisticated golden accents in furniture and lamps, take the interior in the style of luxurious Art Deco. The minimalistic decor supports the overall interior concept. The kitchen set looks austere, thanks to the graphical paneled façade in matt smoky gray. In the kitchen area, there is a small bar counter that divides the semantic areas of the room.



Master bedroom

The bedroom was made in contrasting milky-chocolate tones with gold and emerald accents. The metallic sheen of gold and the soft matte finish of velvet are win-win companions in a classic interior. Contemporary furnishings and decor add a touch of modernity. As a result, the interior is still as rich and noble as the classic one, but not so heavy and pretentious.



Corridor and dressing room

The corridor leading from the living room to the bedroom performs two opposite functions at once. On the one hand, it combines the sleeping area, dressing room and bathroom into one common complex called the “master bedroom.” On the other hand, it opens access to the bathroom for guests and the child. The narrow corridor is made in light colors to visually expand the room. One of the walls is completely mirrored. This again has a beneficial effect on the spatial perception of the room. Moreover, most importantly, a full-wall mirror will help the owners see themselves not only in full growth, but also in motion.



Master bedroom in the master bathroom

In the master bathroom, the designers used white marble, which looks especially noble in combination with gold inserts and fittings. There was a place here for one of the latest interior trends – a combination of metals. Therefore, silver here shares space with gold. This slightly hooligan trick defuses the classic setting and adds lightness and ease to the design.



Guest bathroom

The guest bathroom with a rain shower is finished in two contrasting materials – cold snow-white marble with light gray streaks and porcelain stoneware with a warm dark wood texture. Warm and cold metals – gold and silver, emphasize the difference in temperature perception.



Furniture plan


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