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Project details
Type of apartment
Style of design
Floor area 150 m²
City St. Petersburg
Created at September 2019

Cafe-bar "Orangery" 150 m² in a fusion style in St. Petersburgе

In a past life, the Orangery bar-restaurant was a small cafe with a garden at the theater of the Palace of Culture of Lensovet on Petrogradka in St. Petersburg. We added some chocolate, mint and raspberry sorbet there, and we got a second chocolate bar. The project of the first – on Bolshaya Morskaya – see HERE. The owner of the bar and part-time ardent fan of chocolate desserts, Daria, has a whole network of islands of chocolate happiness under the ChocolateBar signboard, which serves brand ChocoMixes – desserts made from fresh fruits, nuts, soufflés and ice cream with Belgium chocolate.

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The Greenhouse room includes a garden with a bar, a guest area and a small bathroom. According to the wishes of the customer, we designed this cafe in the same style and using the same materials as the “Chocolate Bar” on Bolshaya Morskaya. But unlike the previous project, we combined it with a greenhouse room.



For the Cafe Orangerie we chose the same modern fusion style as in the previous chocolate bar project. Only this time we took as a basis not a classic or a loft, but an eco-style. Fusion here shifted the color accent a little. We added saturated raspberry and cool mint to the thick grassy green. The freshness of tropical rain mixed with the smell of chocolate, menthol sweets and cotton candy.



The eco-friendly interior needs more natural light. And the premises of the old kindergarten at the theater positively respond to this request. We only need to change the window frames in emerald.

Pink flamingos framed by tropical leaves, grazing peacefully near the sea lagoon, helped to connect an eccentric pink hue with an eco-theme.



We wanted to maximize the space of the greenhouse, create a feeling of an open sky above our heads. Therefore, we generously decorated the garden with street pendant lights, garlands and neon lights. Many of these are usually used to illuminate facades, railings, columns and windows.



The pearl of the interior of the Greenhouse was a living green wall. In fact, indoors, we have used one of the techniques of landscape design – vertical gardening. Such a living wall, strewn with luminous garlands of fireflies, and has become a real art object for the glory of chocolate.



Two more phytowalls are waiting for you in the bathrooms, one of them is from stabilized moss. Decorative moss, by the way, is not as whimsical in care as plants, but it purifies the air no worse. The living wall awaits compliments from guests and their admiring glances. Want to see all this beauty live? Then hurry to St. Petersburg on Kamenoostrovsky Prospect, 42.


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