st. Academician Pavlova, 6, building 1
10:00-19:00 mon-fri
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Project details
Type of apartment
Style of design
Floor area 160 sq.m
City St. Petersburg
Created at November, 2020

Glamorous loft: beauty salon in St. Petersburg 160 sq.m

MOSSEBO designers were approached by the owners of the beauty salon to create a modern loft-style interior with rough shapes, high ceiling and an abundance of metal. So all this appeared in the salon, as well as textured tiles and a wooden countertop, as if bitten on one side.

In the process of creating the interior, the concept changed a little and acquired a touch of glamour: glossy surfaces, elegant lamps, streamlined shape of faucets appeared.


26.11.2020     699

Loft-style bathroom

The color palette in the bathroom corresponds to the wishes of the customer. He wanted to make it in a stylish dark range without overloading it with details. The interior was decorated in gray tones and diluted with a deep and noble blue-green color. The bright insert was an unusual loft countertop, however. It seems to be broken and not processed along the edge, and in addition to this rebellious antics, a hemispherical shell resembling a lunar crater has been installed.

лофтовый санузел

This sink echoes a futuristic sensory mixer, but its glossy shine does not look like an elevator preference. This begins to “soften” the style, when the brutal and rough loft is inferior to smooth curves and graceful shapes. There’s nothing superfluous about this tap, there’s not even a switch, the whole action is tied to a solar cell. Which means it won’t get dirty and dull from the water that stays on your hands when the mixer shuts down.

The plant in a minimalist and light, the pot does not attracting out attention, dilutes the interior aged in one range with its bright green color.

зеленый санузел

зеленый туалет

It was decided to leave the ceiling white – so the room will seem bigger and its walls are stretched upstairs.

The arches of the lamps hang from the ceiling like Christmas tree toys. They are helped to be licked up by illumination near the sink, which frames the cold surface of the mirror. Reflection in it gives the room extra space and depth.

Large slabs with imitation of concrete contrast sharply with the bending waves of lamps. However, they still reach harmony and look like a combination of rough texture and smooth shapes.

кабинет лофт

Loft-style cabinet

In the office, beauty must go hand in hand with practicality. Aesthetic and well-thought-out design is the key to the success of any interior. MOSSEBO designers organized the space so that the craftsmen working in the studio were most comfortable working. They combined lighting, ventilation grilles and tracks, internal air conditioner units, and a fire safety system on the ceiling plan. They were arranged as efficiently and harmoniously as possible. It wasn’t easy, because all the walls in the cabin were absolutely non-parallel, but the game was worth the candles.

The air conditioning in the cabin was thought out especially carefully. There are a total of 4 external split-system units and 5 internal units for the premises.

The designers, together with the customer, provided for the location of ventilation tracks in such a way that it does not blow hairdressers in the backs when they work with the client. In addition, they thought through individual temperature control in each office, staff room and hairdressing salon.



организация рабочей зоны

смеситель лофт

Walls lined with wide tiles go perfectly with the rest of the gray-brown color palette of the office and flow smoothly into the same color floor. This is how a single, one-piece space is formed, the composition of which calms down and adjusts to the upcoming procedures.

The pushes are also left with a shrill white color. The overall color scheme resembles the snow-covered crowns of the mountains, which is why the interior is associated with reliability and freedom. There is also practical intent: the light part at the top increases the height of the ceiling and makes the room lighter (even with the obvious predominance of dark colors).

Three luminaries in the white firmament – three artificial light sources on the ceiling. The concept chandelier was carefully selected by the designers and located above the work area to help the sunlight pouring out the window under the ceiling.

There is a shower in the cosmetology office. On the ceiling above it, bypassing ventilation, a bright diode ribbon stretches.

Against the background of the dark grayish walls, a snow-white chair stands out, as well as boxes for tools and bells. You get the impression that the textures in the game just didn’t load, and if you wait, these fragments will also turn color. This technique focuses on the main elements of the interior and reminds us of the original purpose of the office – to create beauty and help people love themselves.

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