st. Academician Pavlova, 6, building 1
10:00-19:00 mon-fri
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Project details
Type of apartment
restaurant, cafe, kidburg
Style of design
Floor area 200 m²
City Moscow
Created at March 2020

A family cafe "New Life". Design of the most “Instagram” restaurant in Moscow (VIDEO)

We are proud to present a new Mossebo project in Moscow – an ultra-fashionable and super-instagram family restaurant “New Life” with game rooms, a banquet hall, interesting lounge areas and photo zones. This project is special for us for several reasons. Our customers – Annushka and Rita wanted to do the project within 3 months of rental vacation. During this time, Mossebo’s designers had to think over the layout, electrics, renderings, purchase everything needed and complete the renovation. How do you like that? A task which is feasible only for professionals. Oh yes! 200 square meters had to be turned into a place where the most burning interior trends of 2020 would be collected! Lets Walk through the most Instagrammed restaurant in Moscow with? And along the way, let’s count how many trends this project has incorporated.

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A furniture plan without veranda


We are in Moscow, on Lazoreviy proyezd, near the house number 3, we are standing right under the sign of the “New Life” restaurant, but we have not yet gone inside. Let’s first look at the veranda to the right of the entrance. It is beautifully decorated with arches and wooden lathing, surrounded by greenery and garlands. And here are the first four trends! Do you have time to count?



Now let’s take a look at the cafe. On the left side you can see a glass flask with dummies of cakes and an arch with illumination, and on the right side, in the vestibule, there is parking for strollers and children’s scooters. Don’t forget to lick your lips at the candy lights hanging from the ceiling. Mmmmm… We pass forward to the sweet display cases and the bar counter in the form of a donut drenched in butter cream with candied fruits. Colored crumbs scattered across the milky floor. Can you feel your appetite kicking in? This decorative mosaic covering with colored splashes is called “terrazzo”. And this is another hot trend of interior fashion 2020. The fifth trend, right?



And now we are in the retail area. Here you can sit with a cup of coffee, grab a dessert to deal with right here or enjoy it at home. You can wait for the order and determine the fate of your dessert at the bagel counter. The retail zone is the open part of the cafe with the highest traffic. Therefore, the tables are small here – for quick snacks.



There are two centers of attraction in the open hall. We have already visited one of them: we posted on Instagram a couple of desserts on a creamy top of a donut. Now let’s go to the soft zone. We have prepared for it a complex shade of powdered peach and an unrealistically relevant sofa with a vertical tie on a high soft headboard and supplemented the wall with floating semi-columns with lighting. Are you still counting the trends? It seems there are already 8 of them! And together with the lamps-balls 9. And pay attention to the roundness in the backs of the chairs, and we already have 10 trends! Lets move on…



Before us is a bright banquet hall with elements of the classic style (parquet, moldings on the walls). The peculiarity of this hall is that it has a separate entrance from the kitchen. Waiters can serve guests faster. Therefore, you can retire here with a large company. For example, to celebrate a birthday. There is also a cute beauty area with a make-up table to comb the birthday guy, and a soft lounge area by the window for gossiping.



“New Life” positions itself as a family cafe for situational get-togethers and celebrating the most grandiose family events. And we tried to make it as convenient and as possible for these purposes. Take the tables and chairs. They can be set as you like, as long as the guests are comfortable. And for the namesake there is the most important table and two large green chairs with ears. What if the twins come to the cafe? After the tasty treats, you can take pictures at the photo zone with the globs. We think it turned out great! And then play video games or paint on the wall.



We won’t go to the kitchen. Only staff can enter there. It is worth mentioning only that, in addition to the office space, there is a separate dressing room, a bathroom and an office for the restaurant manager. We’d better go back. You haven’t seen the most important thing yet. This restaurant still has something to surprise you with, believe us.

To the right side of the entrance to the restaurant, there is a corridor with areas for small companies. Here you can calmly work with a cup of coffee, sit with friends and even organize a small master class. These areas are located just opposite the playrooms so that moms can relax, chat and look after the children.



Finally we got to Kidburg with you! Kidburg – is a whole city of children’s professions. Kids can try their hand at blogging, the beauty industry and try themselves to be firefighters and musicians. Children’s zones occupy, for a minute, the whole two floors! We decided this: why does a child need four-meter ceilings? More rooms and second floors are better. And show me a child who doesn’t like second floors? Moreover, in a one-story restaurant!



On the ground floor, we have equipped a children’s bathroom in light pink with white marble and a mother and child room. There is a changing table, and a chair to feed the baby, well, and of course there is a sink with a heater for baby food.


A mother and child room

A bathroom for the banquet hall


Video review of the “New Life” restaurant on the Candellabra YouTube channel:


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