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Project details
Type of apartment
Style of design
Современный, Контемпорари, Минимализм, Contemporary, Eclectic style, Minimalism
Floor area 141,9 m²
City Leningrad region, New Sertolovo
Created at april 2020

Color accents in the interior. House design 142 sq. m. in a modern style

A married couple contacted the Mossebo studio with a desire to bring their newly completed house to the final. The layout fully met the needs of Victoria and Alexey, all that remained was to make the most rational use of the space and decorate the interior in accordance with the wishes of the customers – in a modern style with elements of minimalism in a neutral natural range.

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Corridor in a modern style


The interior of the corridor in a modern style is built on the contrast of black and white zones. The rather austere achromatic range is softened by warm wood textures and a variety of glossy and matte textures.  In order not to burden the small hallway room, the designers used dark elements with caution, giving quantitative preference to white.


Mustard in the interior of the living room


The color scheme is based on neutral natural earthy shades – grayish, brown, ocher. Despite the fact that dark colors prevail in the interior of the living room, it does not seem dense and heavy. It is made light and alive by a hot mustard hue and natural materials with a natural texture – wood, black marble, leather.



Especially a lot of space in the interior of the house is given to wood textures, which look advantageous in any room and surrounded by any materials, be it stone, marble, glass or tiles. The tree looks especially advantageous in the kitchen. We have supplemented the facades of the kitchen units with graphite-black elements and a black marble apron. Glass and warm yellow lighting helped balance the dark range.


The clients wanted to create an European interior without unnecessary details with a pronounced modern and minimalist style, while they asked to pay attention to the functionality of the space. Therefore, despite the abundance of equipment (refrigerator with freezer, electric stove for 4 stoves, dishwasher, coffee maker, kettle, hood, oven, microwave, TV, wine refrigerator), the interior does not look overloaded. All electrical appliances and utensils are hidden in wall and floor cabinets.


Mint color in the interior of the bedroom

At the stage of project development, Victoria and Alexey were almost always unanimous and agreed with each other in everything. However, the opinions of the spouses differed about the bedroom.  Victoria wanted to add more lightness to the room, and Alexei wanted to add chamberness. The designers were not at a loss and developed two interior scenarios for them.



In the first case, we painted the wall at the head of the bed in a light mint shade, and the wall opposite, so as not to violate the overall style of the interior, in graphite black.  According to the second scenario, the decorative wood panel became the visual dominant of the interior, and mint spreads over all the other walls. Whichever option the spouses choose, their main wish was fulfilled: the private area in both cases gives a complete feeling of calmness and relaxation.


Narrow and long dressing room

The size of the bedroom made it possible to accommodate a full-fledged dressing room with an area of ​​5.6 m².  In order to turn every centimeter into usable space, we opted for a narrow and long shape, which was corrected with a light color scheme.  Elongated cabinet furniture of open and closed type was mounted along one wall.



Children’s room for a boy, 13 sq.  m.



The parents asked to make the nursery for their two-year-old son “for growth.”  The designers offered a basic gray and white palette, shaded with dark wood.  Such a universal combination is suitable for any child’s age and interior style, it is able to pacify the diversity and disorder of bright toys, pillows and other children’s things and will not bother the child.  In case it does get boring, you just need to change textiles.

Guest room design


The owners of the house wanted the interior of each room to accurately convey the mood of the room and reveal its function: a warm kitchen with hot mustard accents, a sensual bedroom with cool mint tones, a nursery in soothing colors.  The guest room was conceived primarily as a recreation area and, possibly, as a mini-office and a sleeping area.  This room should bring positive emotions, so we chose a cheerful coral sofa, left luscious scarlet strokes on the walls and supported the bright palette with contrasting prints.


Sand marble in the interior of the bathroom

To decorate the bathroom, the owners chose a very unusual sand marble that imitates two natural materials at once – sand and stone.  The choice is dictated by purely aesthetic reasons.  However, for those who have hard water, such tiles can be a real salvation: against such a background, white salt spots from dried water are completely lost.


Guest bathroom decorated in brown marble

The guest bathroom is finished with Italian brown marble with light veins and stains.  Its subdued matte sheen is illuminated by gold accents and vertical LED lighting.  Flawless white accessories and bathroom fixtures help to highlight the complex shade.  In both rooms – the bathroom and the shower room – the owners asked for small windows to let in sunlight, eliminate the effect of enclosed spaces and provide natural ventilation.


Furniture plan

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Color accents in the interior. House design 142 sq. m. in a modern style

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