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Project details
Type of apartment
Style of design
Neoclassic, Contemporary
Floor area 614.56 m²
City Nur-Sultan
Created at january 2020

Country house design in modern style, 614.5 m²

The owners of a large house in Nur-Sultan turned to the Mossebo studio with a wish to turn 614.56 square meters into a comfortable, functional and presentable housing for a family with four children.  In addition to the main premises, the customers needed three children’s rooms, a study, a play area, a home theater, a dressing room, a laundry room, a garage and storage rooms.  The outbuilding, according to their idea, should have been turned into a bath complex with a sauna, a shower room, rest rooms for the owners and service people.  As the main decorative line, the owners preferred the style of the contemporary with the motives of modern classics.

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Living room in neoclassical style

The largest area in the house is occupied by a living room with pillar wardrobes in the modern classic style. The customers wanted to completely exclude the kitchen part from the living room, so on the 51st square there is only a dining area for 12 people and a relaxation area with a large corner sofa, TV and bio-fireplace. The color scheme is light gray and dark gray tones with a muted mustard yellow accent on soft chairs.

When developing the project, the customers asked to take into account the “Smart House” automation system. They wanted a curtain drive and air conditioning system installed in the living room, as well as a spacious wine refrigerator.

Kitchen-living room in modern style


The second living room is slightly smaller than the previous one – 43.3 sq. m., it is intended for family meals and includes two zones – only this time a kitchen and a dining room. The functional parts of the room are divided by an arch and zoned with different floor coverings. The dining area includes a dining table for 10 people and a seating area for the owner of the house – with a large velvet armchair with an ottoman. The highlight of the interior is curly swing doors, decorated like classic arches.

The cooking area has a kitchen island with high bar stools, where the kids eat breakfast. Here, the designers have placed a two-chamber refrigerator with a freezer, two hobs – an electric and a gas, a dishwasher, a coffee maker, a kettle, a hood, an oven, a microwave oven, a TV and any housewife’s lifesaver – a chopper.

For some time, customers hesitated with the choice of soft chairs and the location of the hood. The designers helped them to decide by proposing two interior solutions.  However, the color palette has remained unchanged, it corresponds to the entire style of home decoration, where gray shades of varying intensity prevail.

Cabinet design in a modern style


The client saw his future office only in noble dark colors and with modern furniture. We blended wood textures with deep blue and rich cherry.  In order not to inadvertently “drown” the interior in a dark range, some parts of the walls were highlighted with a warm honey-mustard hue.

The owner of the house wanted an office with a full-fledged place for rest, where, if necessary, it was possible to accommodate a guest or to relax himself. This is how a fold-out double sofa with a TV opposite and a variety of storage systems appeared here, where the guest could put his things. In general, the office turned out to be a self-sufficient bedroom, where, moreover, you can work.

Children’s room for a teenage boy


The two-storey house has a complex branched layout. The space is designed in such a way that all private areas – three children’s rooms and a bedroom – are located on the ground floor along with the living rooms. On the second floor there are only areas for family recreation – a home theater and a large playroom 37 km. m. To date, only a project of one of three children has been agreed – for a 13-year-old boy.  The idea behind the design of this room is that it is an interior “for growth”.  It is designed in neutral colors using light gray and black in combination with wood grain.  Such an interior is considered basic and to refresh it, it is enough to change textiles, accessories and decor.

Sauna and shower area

Sauna with shower area and rest rooms occupy a separate outbuilding with a total area of 120 sq. m.

The sauna is next to the master’s relaxation room; it is finished with heat-treating wood and porcelain stoneware and is equipped with a wood-burning stove. The shower room is separated by a glass railing. Inside there is a heated towel rail, illuminated mirror, hooks for fresh towels.



All sauna equipment and storage racks for bathrobes, towels and bath accessories are in a closed cabinet in the relaxation room.  The room is mostly used to accommodate service people.

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