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Project details
Type of apartment
Style of design
Floor area 26,8
City Khabarovsk
Created at october, 2020

Bohemian studio design. Metric area 26.8 sq m

A columnist of the one edition about fashion and beautiful life lives in this studio in Khabarovsk. She turned to MOSSEBO for a performance project that was gentle and chic at the same time.  The result is a modern and bold bohemian studio design.

18.11.2020     1046

Fusion room


The apartment is dominated by purple, gold and brown – the mistress’s favorite colors.  The rest of the shades complement the interior with bright accents.  All together it looks like a glamorous picture or the house of a modern Barbie doll, however, it devoid of a touch of artificiality.

The corridor in the hallway looks like a portal from the average entrance straight to the luxurious life.  Opposite the entrance is a white wardrobe with clothes hangers.  Above it, hangs a huge round mirror with illumination along the edge,like a personal Sun.  If you stand in front of it and look first at yourself, then at yourself, and after five minutes at the rest of the decor, you can see in the reflection a kitchen set, a bar counter and a lilac folding sofa.  The latter looks so grounded and organic in this interior that it seems that this is just your studio. It is accompanied by a green velor chair, hidden in a corner.  Perhaps this chair is punished, and the huge eye of the second mirror is watching intently so that it does not escape.

Зеленое кресло

Books are randomly arranged on the shelves, as if the hostess did not know what to read and went through all the options.  Maybe she didn’t find anything worthwhile and went off to write an article for a magazine.  Perhaps it was so, because on the purple bar there is something of this kind of reading.

The golden legs of high chairs save space in the kitchen and look like the hairpins of a fashionista attending a social event.  And just like her, accustomed to such parties, the chairs stand confidently on their graceful foundations.  Their sky blue upholstery blends nicely with the gold and contrasts with the tone of the counter.

Кухня фьюжн

Стулья фьюжн

Lamps hang above it, which look like honeycombs in a bottle.  They sparkle with a warm yellow color and are supported by ceiling-mounted lights.

All fittings are cast in gold, including the curved faucet above the quirky white sink.  Bohemian chic is complemented by an abstraction painting on the wall.  Her mistress was presented by an artist friend after his first exhibition.  He said it was someone’s portrait.

Кухня в студии

Барная стойка в студии

Very trendy this year, a yogurt-like tile with large pieces of fruit floating on it, covering the entire floor of the studio.  It gives the interior a playfulness and some naivety (within reasonable limits, of course).  This makes the dark carpet more noticeable, contrasting not only with the floor, but with the interior in general.  From this, the design acquires depth and versatility, hinting that not everything is so simple here.

диван фьюжн

розовый диван

The TV occupies an important place both in front of the counter and in front of the sofa and hangs on a wall upholstered in wood, grooved like a chocolate waffle.  Perched on the side is a collection of vases from different countries (property of the hostess).  The shelves are deep enough not to accidentally knock the souvenirs over your shoulder.

телевизор в студии

The brown TV cabinets are devoid of handles, making it easy to glide over the smooth wood without encountering obstacles in its path.  It is not only beautiful, but also practical: if there are no pens, which mean that you cannot hurt yourself or catch on clothes.

Dark curtains can be closed if wanted to, and then no one can spy on what is happening in the apartment.


A small bathroom combines a shower room and a toilet.  The shower room sets off the bright area of ​​the sink with a wall tiled in a special way – a herringbone, which is why it has become textured and elegant.  The backlighting by the mirror provides additional illumination, and the wooden finish of the sink adds a touch of ethnicity and comfort.

плитка синяя

совместная ванная

прозрачная душевая

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