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First place again in the international search engine google.com

During the chlorhexidine mask regime, some companies suffered losses and left the first pages of search engines. Thanks to this, MOSSEBO is now the leader in some queries on rus Google. If you open the largest search engine and type in, the query, for example,  “Scandinavian style”, then from the variety of sites, immediately after the paid advertising, there are articles from MOSSEBO.  But we didn’t spend a penny on it 😅 And it’s impossible to pay for indexing.  We don’t even have SEO (and perhaps in vain). But from Yandex, such as, we cut out pages for a long time just so as not to collect economy traffic – this overloads call managers.

Constant applications for the design of one room or even smaller works are not MOSSEBO’s profile.  And there are 95% of such applications.  The girls practically hung themselves from the endless number of calls. And we decided to leave at least Yandex.

We always resist indexing, because we are already loved and known by several hundred thousand people (we love you too 😘).

In truth, at first MOSSEBO resisted as best it could, but rus Google persistently continues to index articles in the first places, and we gave up 🤣🤣🤣

Here are some of the queries by which MOSSEBO began to occupy leading positions in the search engine due to the companies’s withdrawal  from the market:

Создать дизайн интерьера

Студия интерьера


Well, since it indexes, then you have to be proud of it. Google loves us.  This proves that love does not come for money, since rus Google receives from us about 5 kopecks a year.

дизайн интерьера


And on the request “Scandinavian interior”, we have overtaken even the founder and main popularizer of this style:

Стиль сканди


Google, do you now think that we understand Scandinavian style better just because we have completed a couple of hundred projects in it?  Hmm, we underestimated ourselves. Well, thanks.

And country. Are we in Texas? The trend is very strange, considering that in the entire history of MOSSEBO, we have made no more than 100 country-style projects. Looks like very well done. There is no other way to explain it.

Novice designers who read articles from MOSSEBO can already issue diplomas of extra education. Each material on our site is supported by a project from professionals with a “tower”, so you don’t have to blush for the quality.  MOSSEBO designers have not followed trends for a long time, but they set them on the domestic and international market.

We wish it were lyrics, but it’s a fact. 127 thousand people enter the query “Scandinavian style” every month. Basic algebra will help you understand how much traffic MOSSEBO receives annually. And that’s just one style. And there are more than 60 🤫


Скандинавский стиль


How to cope with such a volume of applications is a rhetorical question. So far, MOSSEBO has succeeded, but several tens of thousands of calls won’t be so easy.

“With great power comes great responsibility” – a hackneyed phrase, but it does not lose its relevance today.

And while many consider losses after the pandemic excitement, MOSSEBO is trying to fight off the top positions in search engines.

Because we compare interior design with medicine – there is no room for panic and amateurism.


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