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Interior design studio,
trusted in several countries.

We create interior design for apartments, cottages and commercial premises.

Contract work
We strictly comply with the deadlines specified in the contract, we do not go beyond the agreed budget and we break down payments into convenient stages
Several design options
We offer from 3 to 5 design options for your future interior, suggesting different styles to choose.
Both design projects and repair in one company
We develop a design that meets the individual wishes of the customer. We taking care of all stages of the project - starting with an idea and ending with final decor.
Do you wish to see more?
At our office you can familiarize yourself with the full base of the interior design.
stages of
a design project
We meet at the facility
Fixating your wishes
Looking for possible solutions
Drawing the first sketches
Creating 3D renderings
Preparing information
Forming a design project
What do you get as a result?
Visual materials and all the necessary documentation, guided by which the repair team will realize your dream of a perfect interior
Единый фирменный стиль по всему миру Единый фирменный стиль по всему миру
The finished design project includes:
  • A sketch (from 3 to 5 redevelopment options)
  • Visualization of initial layout sketches
  • Terms of reference
  • Measurement plan
  • Dismantling plan
  • Installation plan of erected partitions
  • Master plan (Dismantling + Installation)
  • Floor plan
  • Ceiling plan
  • Plan of the partitions being built with marking of window and doorways
  • Furniture plan
  • Room plan after redevelopment with the area of ​​premises and their functional purpose
  • Cash flow chart
  • Specification for all utility networks (electricity, water supply, sewage, heating, ventilation)
  • Measured plan with the binding of utilities, window and doorways
  • Plan for the dismantling of partitions and utilities
  • Photorealistic visualizations from 3 different points in the room, with the ability to look around (on the projector or in 3D glasses)
  • Layout of sanitary equipment with reference issues
  • Ceiling plan with the type of material used, individual units and sections
  • Layout plan for sockets, switches, electrical leads and low-current networks by geometrical dimensions
  • Floor plan (with indication of floor level and area)
  • Specifications of all materials and equipment, without specifying prices, quantities and places of purchase
  • An estimate for repair and construction work, without specifying the cost of work (only the volumes and name of the work are indicated)
  • Technological maps for the production of basic finishing work
  • Schedule for repair and construction work
  • Schedule for the procurement of basic materials and equipment
  • Specification for all engineering networks (electricity , water supply, sewerage, heating, ventilation)
  • Specification for rough finishing materials
Repairs are saved by interior design, starting from £3,000
Creating an interior design is not just beautiful final visualizations and designer's tips.
  • The list of finishing and rough materials is precisely calculated for your repair, saving time and money when buying goods
  • Drawings and schemes of purchases after repairs
Measurement of your apartment is essential for meaauring the cost of repairs
  • Only an expert will be making an accurate measurement plan of an apartment with help of laser roulette and a three-axis level
  • A designer will make an interior design based on a measurement plan and visual inspection
  • Estimating the cost of repairs and interior design just by footage is biased and overpriced
Furniture - is the basis of a durable and comfortable interior.
High-quality furniture in a bright design sets the tone for the entire interior. A wide selection of suppliers exclusive to Russia and lower retail prices are received to each Mossebo client when ordering interior design from us. You can also buy individual interior items in our VK group.
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Interior design studio,
trusted in several countries.

We are creating designs of apartments , cottages and commercial premises


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