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Mossebo design studio

An Interior design of
cottages in the city and regions

Mossebo is loved - we have completed more than 1200 projects in 5 years

Any floor area
We work with all facilities within 50 km of the city border.
From installing a boiler room and a well, to landscaping and decorating a house.
City comfort
beyond city.
We will consider uninterrupted electricity and water supply systems, while maintaining urban comfort.
Our projects
We work with all stylistic directions and offer optimal solutions for the interiors of wooden, brick, block and other types of cottages
What is included in the complex of works:
We carry out repairs of any level of complexity, meet the deadlines, do not go beyond the budget and provide a guarantee for all repair finishing work.
1. Engineering
We plant engineering communications around the house, equip boiler rooms, install switchboard equipment, equip the facilities with an autonomous septic tank for wastewater treatment.
2. Repair and decoration
of an indoor premises
We carrying out the whole range of design and renovation of living spaces in a given style: from rough works to decoration.
3. Improvement
of the adjoining plots.
We are installing fences and fencings, we are building outbuildings, arbors and other small architectural forms. We carry out a full complex of works on landscape design of the local area.

Solve all the problems of home improvement

Algorithm of repair works
Bringing the design project to life, we take care of all the stages of repair:
Measurement and evaluation of the object
Going to the suburban object, up to 100 km away from the city. We assess the condition of the living space and the adjoining territory, making all the necessary measurements, drawing up a phased plan of repair works.
Organization of work
We are organizing the workspace at the facility, purchasing and delivering constructions, temporary changing the houses.
Draft work
We lay the foundation for quality repairs. We carry out the whole complex of rough works on screeding, leveling walls, processing ceilings, wiring, installing heating systems and wiring communications.
Finishing work and installation
We turn a rural object into a comfortable space for living with the help of your chosen finishing materials. We will install plumbing, kitchen equipment, mount interior doors and other functional interior elements.
Furniture and decor
We will equip the space inside and outside the house with all the necessary furniture selected by the customer. We are decorating the interior and the adjoining territory, setting stylish accents, and giving the interior an individual touch.
Mossebo Today
Mossebo Company offers interior designs and repair services in 35 cities of Russia, the CIS and in all surrounding suburbs. We work with both: urban apartments and remote suburban real estate, located up to 50 km from the city. On our account, 214 projects implemented in country houses for 2016.

We will make repairs in any season with a guarantee on the terms of work


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